We make it our duty to provide you with products, done in the right way!

You are our priority

who are we?

Print is a standout communication tool that is tangible, engages multiple senses and is something you can hold, feel and even smell. A high-quality print shows authority, it carries a sense of prestige and is overall an eye catching medium. We at Dasis Printers, thrive to provide you with that authority, prestige and that eye catching medium that you seek. We have established a proven and successful record of a top-quality service in printing that assists our customers to reach their intended outcome from our products. Our professional management and specialized technical staff are dedicated to provide our customers with the outcome they deserve.

our vision

To evolve to a model press where all requirements of the printing industry are met at one place. A place where customer satisfaction is the utmost priority through which we hope to become recognized as the benchmark of the Sri Lankan Printing industry.

We will strive to deliver individualized solutions to all our client’s printing needs and add value to our clients’ businesses. These solutions provide value for money at the fastest possible turnaround times, using cutting edge technology and quality processes.

our mission

Nearly three decades ago, the founders of Dasis Printers (PVT) Ltd created a business entity which would cater the printing requirements of corporates in Sri Lanka. Situated in the heart of Colombo, Dasis Printers became a familiar name in the printing industry. Along with the name, customers were assured quality, speedy and price worthy products would follow. State of the art technology used in the production processes were updated frequently to ensure that the assurance is reinstated at all times.
Widening our range of customers year by year, Dasis printers has evolved to serve almost all sectors of the economy of Sri Lanka and within a few years, we were able to go beyond our borders and reach overseas buyers from three different continents through garment accessories.
At Dasis Printers, we believe that partnerships are the key to success. Our partnerships have helped us enrich the trust within our stakeholders and in turn enabling us to be a powerful member of the printing industry of Sri Lanka.

Our Team


How can I get an estimate from you?

You can simply drop us an email to our email addresses (sales@dasisprinters or info@dasisprinters.com) or simply give us a call on our landlines and we can provide you with a quote or according to your request, our sales team can visit your company and take your requirement, which ever is convenient for you.

Do you send samples for approval?

Yes, as per your request, we can provide you with samples. A sample is always provided for approval, before production.

Do you charge extra for rush ordering?

This is an advantage you will face with us, whether it is a rushed or simply relaxed time allowed job you require, your price will be the same, affordable with the highest quality.

How long will it take for you to complete my order?

Depending on your requirement, we can provide you with the fastest turn around time for all products. Digitally produceable or low quantity orders, we can make the delivery within a day.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment we accept cash, cheque or online transfers only but for our customers convenience, we will be introducing credit card payment options in the near future.

Is my order subjected to VAT?

At the moment, we are not liable for VAT, thereby again a benefit for our beloved customers.